I'm Dori Grimard

I'm a Birth + Newborn Lifestyle Photographer based in the Lower Mainland of beautiful [wild!} British Columbia, and I love smelling babies.


I didn't always have this business, But i always loved to create.

When I was a little girl, I was OBSESSED with art + design.  [just ask my mama if you don't believe me!]  First, I was going to be a super artsy pop star.  Then, a fashion designer.  An interior designer.  An artist.  A writer.  A graphic designer.  My parents never once tried to talk me out of chasing my dreams.  They gave me the space to nourish my creativity.  They encouraged it in me, and loved to watch it grow.

So it didn't surprise anyone that the little girl who got her first camera for her 13th birthday, and literally could not stop creating eventually became an artist .

I finally found my niche in the artistic world!  Photography!  And I found a way to unite this job with my first love + calling in life....




I am the Mama to 3 wild little souls.  [if you wanna meet them, hop on over to Instagram...their cute faces are all over my feed!]  The journey has been a joy, and a struggle, but through it I have found a way to connect to my photography work even more.  I totally understand the desire to freeze time so I can cherish my 2 sons and brand new daughter forever....but at the same time, I'm watching the clock and waiting desperately for my husband to get home so I can have a break!   Mama, I cry the same tears that you do.  I crave sleep, just like you.  I hide in the bathroom eating contraband chocolate, just like you.  I am my kids biggest, most loving fan, just like you.  I can see the intimate beauty in the everyday moments, just like you.


you and I are on the same journey.


You're still here? Awesome!  Here are 8 random facts about me:


1.  I am a busy mother myself.  I am sleep deprived.  I'll forget things now and then.  I have a lot going on...just like you!  So please be patient and don't expect me to be an unrealistic superwoman! 

2.  I believe that I can be professional AND be 100% myself....so take me or leave me just as I am!

3.  I love Scandinavian/Minimalist design…bring on ALL the neutral colours!

4.  My drink of choice is Lavender Kombucha!  (I'm a bit of a health nut)

5.  I am passionate about serving and helping other women!  Visit my Community tab to see more!

6.  I’m a huge fan of going to counselling and self care!

7.  I am an environmentalist.  I love cloth diapers, the Zero Waste movement, and buying plastic free!   

8.  My current hobbies include snuggling babies, yoga, and running........after my kids. (I hate running)