Y O U R   P U R C H A S I N G   P O W E R !

5% of your purchase gives back!

Why?  Because I believe that God's love is abundant, and He calls all of us to live in that same spirit of abundance.  I have always wanted to do great things and make big differences in peoples lives...but I have been placed where I am, in the role that I am, for a reason.  As a Mom, my mission(for now) is to serve my young family.  I can't exactly ditch my husband and toddlers to go off rescuing women in the sex trade!  But what I CAN do is take a cut of my profits, and support organizations who are making a difference in lives all over the world.  

Here are the "difference makers" that you and I are giving back to...




S H O P   L O C A L

I'm a huge supporter of local businesses, and I encourage you to be too!

Every business that I include here I personally recommend!  show them some love!!




To be filled!  I wanna give you the best of the best!

Bump, Baby + Birth supplies


If your Non-Profit, or small local bUSIness would like to be featured here, please email me at dorigrimard@gmail.com